Don’t Give Up!

Sometimes giving up can be an easy option compared to giving it another go. When it comes to training and getting in the best shape of your life or simply getting healthier it may seem overwhelming at times.

What do I do? Can I do it? Is it going to be hard? Will it hurt? All these crazy questions tend to rock up when it’s time to make that decision to change.

I’m going to be straight up here and say YES it’s going to be hard. YES it’s going to be challenging. YES you are going to have to work your arse off. Yes you will sweat for it. YES you are going to have to come out your comfort zone. YES you can do it. YES it will take time and effort. YES you will see results if you stick to the plan.

Whoever told you it was going to be easy….well I can tell you differently.

To achieve your goal you are going to have to train hard. When I say train hard I mean leaving a puddle of sweat behind you.

You are going to have to push yourself and be pushed to the limit to achieve your results.

You are going to need to lift weight that you have probably never lifted before and do it over again.

You are going to have to go further than before, sprint faster than before, jump higher than before, dig deeper than before to get to where you want.

You are going to have to change your eating habits and eat more vegetables, drink more water, eat less ‘shit’ and do it everyday.

You are going to have to commit to this for the rest of your life. NOT one week or one month or three months or six months or a year. This is for the rest of your life. Train for LIFE!

Once you do this you will be a different person. You will be a new person. You are going to be full of energy. You are going to be full of confidence. You will feel on top of the world. You will be strong, fit and lean. Who doesn’t want to be fitter, stronger or leaner? I know you want to be.

So don’t let anybody fool you and say its going to be easy, cos I can tell you it’s not. It’s going to be a journey that will transform you once you take off. Get on that plane and start your journey to a fitter, stronger, leaner YOU!


Building FITTER STRONGER LEANER bodies….one workout at a time.