Mandy Burger

mandy after

I contacted Gavin in a desperate attempt to lose some weight. I have tried every diet on the planet and lost 3 stone in 3 months a few years ago following a strict liquid diet. Albeit that the weight literally dropped off me at the time, naturally it all piled back on again over a [...] Read more »


I have been working with Gavin for a number of months now and in that time I have seen a massive change in me. This has not just been in terms of weight (and more importantly inch) loss, which have been significant. But also with regards to improving my posture, strength and helping me recover [...] Read more »


Gavin listened to what I wanted to achieve and has focused on helping me meet these objectives. Much of this focus has been around core strength and helping me recover from an ankle and shoulder injury. The sessions have been challenging but enjoyable. The exercises have been targeted at the right level, enabling me to [...] Read more »


Not having been a regular attendee at the gym I needed some help building up my lower body strength following a skiing accident. Gavin took things at my pace and made the sessions suit me and the style of training I enjoyed. He built my strength up very quickly without me really realising it. Two [...] Read more »

Shaherah Jordan

Body Building competitions is something I’ve taken a recent liking to. However, after competing in a few competitions I found I was really struggling to get my physique to a place that I liked let alone the judges. I had been relying on the diet and training schedules of other athletes but had not actually [...] Read more »

Justin Parfitt

Gavin De Souza is without doubt the best personal trainer I’ve ever had. His deep knowledge of fitness and the human frame combine with his ability to quickly understand your own personal fitness needs allowing him to quickly create tailored training routines that push you to the edge in a way that is enjoyable and [...] Read more »


I have joined a gym once or twice before but never really got very far. I found it boring and when I didn’t see any real progress, motivation waned and I gave up, preferring to stick to what I knew – yoga and pilates classes. This time, I had a real reason to shape up. [...] Read more »