Hi my name is Gavin S. De Souza and I am the founder of GSD Fitness

which prides itself on elevating the way people train through my high intensity strength training and group conditioning classes.

I have been a Strength & Fitness Coach for over 10 years starting in the Industry in London UK. I have gained valuable experience from working hands on with everyday people, ranging from clients new to exercise, overweight people, weekend warriors and aspiring athletes. My desire is to keep pushing the boundaries by creating and developing new innovative ideas and programs for my clients and conditioning classes.

I have a great passion for Ketlebells and have trained with some great coaches in the Industry. One of them being Steve Cotter of the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation (IKFF) and the other Mike Mahler In the UK I worked under the watchful eyes of top Strength Coach Cj Swaby, whereby I assisted teaching on Cj’s Kettlebell workshops.

I have successfully ran Boot Camps in Bournemouth and London UK, presented to trainers in Trinidad on bodyweight training and Managed at one of the leading gyms in the UK, inspiring Personal Trainers to see their true potential and build a business.

My mission is to transform and inspire people to make positive lifestyle changes through healthy eating and training.

My vision is to create a positive, fun, energetic, results oriented training environment, to provide group training programs for people to come together to achieve their fitness goals.

Gavin at a glance…

How did you get started in the fitness industry?
Due to my love for sport and training I decided to pursue a career in the Fitness Industry. I then worked in a leading Health club where I further developed my qualifications to become a Personal Trainer.

What do you love about your job?
I don’t have to sit behind a desk or be stuck in an office all day.

How would you describe yourself?
Easy going, chilled out and relaxed…maybe to do with the fact that I grew up in Trinidad.

What is your worst trait?
Getting moody when I am hungry

What would you like to be if you were not a personal trainer?
It will definitely have to be a Fireman.

What is the biggest motivation in your life?
My son and the day I open my own training studio.

What is the next thing you would like to learn?
Anything that would make me a better personal trainer. Outside of that a language, probably Spanish.

What do you most enjoy about personal training?
The inspiration I give to others to achieve their goals and seeing the transformation that people go through.

Gavin De Souza
Strength & Fitness Coach